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SET NET FISHERY is the fishing method using the fishing net which is placed in a certain area in the ocean. This method is based on the particular behaviour of Migratory fish. It is said that the antetype of the set net fishery had been already done in Mediterranean Sea in B.C.1000 by catching Tunas.

By investigating the behaviour of the objectively fish, the oceanic condition of each season, the drift of the tide and the shape of the bottom of the ocean, the location and the feature of the set net is decided. Because it can only capture fish wich passes at a certain area (actually, about 70% of the fish wich go inside the set net, it´s not captured, escaping), this process is called “passive fishing method”. Compared with the encircling net fishery which is call ed as the positive fishing method because it can move and catch all the fish , the set net fishery is more controlled for resource management, and it is more harmonic with the environment. It is one of the reason that the set net fishery is being done for about 3000 years.

We, TUNIPEX, are the only company which is permitted by the Portuguese Government to operate the set net fishery in Portugal. By this set net, we are catching the many kind of fish including Bluefin Tuna (the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus Thynnus).